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Welcome to the Bimont Ltd. - Kukuljanovo Company Pages!
Production and installation


During continuous involvment in welding activities since 1970 up till today, Bimont went under several attesting of the welding procedure for:

  • Unalloyed and low alloyed construction steel
  • High alloyed Cr, CrNi steel
  • CrNiMo construction steel

  • Bimont, Rijeka has 25 attested welders and following welding procedures:
  • 311 gas welding
  • 111 hand arc welding
  • 141 TIG welding
  • 135 MIG/MAG solid wire welding
  • 136 MAG fluy cored wire welding
  • 135 MAG (STT) welding

  • REL procedure
  • TIG/REL procedure
  • MIG/MAG procedure

    Bimont Ltd. - Kukuljanovo employs IWE welding engineer, as well as EWT welding technologist.
    We also have our own welding school situated in the productiong plant for education and attesting of the welders, and all welding procedures.
    Our welding procedures and our welders are trained and approved from the authorised institutions.

    Bimont - Kukuljanovo is certified for performance of the welding works:

  • Certificate for fabrication and monting of pressure equipment, pipelines and steel construction in accrodance to the HRN EN ISO 3834-2
  • Certificate of Crotian Register of Shipping for performance of the welding works in shipbuilding engineering, with support steel construction and equipment for process industry.

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